The Center for Trauma & Injury Prevention Research (CTIPR) provides opportunities for research at all levels, from undergraduates to medical students.

Current research programs are described below.

Public Health 194 Research Course Series

PH 194 is a three-course series that gives students a unique opportunity to participate in clinical research on multiple studies.

Students prepare for research in healthcare settings while enrolled in PH 194A, a lecture course focusing on the principles of clinical and translational research. This course is offered in the fall quarter and is a prerequisite for PH 194B and PH 194C (offered in winter and spring quarters) when students actually participate in healthcare settings.

PH194B students are paired with research faculty and rotate through various clinical labs assigned by the course coordinator, while PH194C students focus on a specific research project with a faculty member.

Emergency Medicine Research Associates Program (EMRAP) 

The Emergency Medicine Research Associates Program (EMRAP) is a clinical research program offered in conjunction with the UC Irvine Biological Sciences 199 research opportunities program at UC Irvine Medical Center.

Founded by Dr. Federico Vaca in 1997, EMRAP provides UC Irvine undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students the opportunity to contribute directly to research projects in the UC Irvine Medical Center Emergency Department and Level 1 trauma center through firsthand experience with patient interaction and close faculty mentorship from the School of Medicine.

Health Occupations Portfolio Enhancement (HOPE)

The HOPE post-baccalaureate program is designed to assist disadvantaged applicants gain acceptance to medical school, with the ultimate goal of increasing the number of physicians in underserved areas.

The program has been in existence for more than 25 years and has a record of placing 88 percent of all participants in a U.S. medical school. While in the program, students are helped to:

  • Strengthen their learning skills
  • Show proficiency in the sciences
  • Prepare for the MCAT exam
  • Become a more competitive applicant and successfully gain admission to medical school